Many thoughts on Catholic Singles

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The following is a list of articles on the topic of single Catholics.  In some cases, an entire article seemed to hit home with me.  In others, it may have been just a few thoughts here and there within the article that caught my eye.  For various reasons, the thoughts in this pieces stayed with me.  I felt they might be of interest to other readers on this subject.

Some of these (mostly the second half of the list) have been mentioned with links in my previous posts, but for those who don’t want to go back and sift through previous material, I’ve listed them here again.  This is not an exhaustive list of what’s out there regarding single Catholics, but I do think they give the reader a good overview of the topic.  The very first article is a link to another Catholic woman’s  blog.  Although her blog does not seem to be entirely about single Catholics, the author has written a three part series on the topic.  I thought she had some good insights worth sharing.  Happy reading!


David Mills, “Single and Catholic”

Charles Hickson, “The Parish’s Fifth Wheel”’s-Fifth-Wheel.aspx

Dorothy Cummings McLean, “Catholic Singles: the Forgotten Among the Faithful”

Christina Lee Knauss, “Catholic singles wonder about their roles in parish life”

Catholic singles wonder about their roles in parish life

Stephanie Wood Weinert, “Single Focus”

Catholic News Agency, “Marriage is Disappearing in Italy”

David Gibson, “Cardinal Dolan Sees New Urgency Around Marriage”

The Tablet, “Synod Asked to Consider Situation of Single Catholics

Emily Stimpson, “Beating the single Catholic Blues”

Emily Stimpson, “Being Single in the Universal “Church”

Hannah Furness, “Single People Feel ‘Ignored and Lonely’ at Church”

Jared Silveyhttp, “The Single Lay State Deserves More Attention”



9 thoughts on “Many thoughts on Catholic Singles

  1. Very disappointed to see your comment on the HPR article, with no mention of it here. Indeed, no activity on this blog in many weeks. If you’re not going to keep it active and useful, you might as well just shut it down. And “I’ve been busy” is not a valid excuse; posting a new comment or even a “hello; I’m still here” blog post would take mere minutes. Yes, I sound angry and frustrated.


    1. Larry, as I’ve suggested, very kindly before, I really think you need to start your own blog. You seem to have much to say, and a blog of your own would provide a venue for expressing your frustrations. It would also allow you to state all of your thoughts on the topic of single Catholics in one place. If my blog and the timing of my updates don’t satisfy you, then, again, maybe God is calling you to start your own. There is definitely a need for a singles blog from a male perspective. And yes, I am busy, so if you send another comment it may be awhile before I am able to post it and post a reply. It was really just by chance that I happened to see your comment today.


  2. P Edward Murray, How have you found yourself dating again? Do you have any special tips on good places to meet Catholic Singles? I imagine you are very pleased. Is there anything to share? I tried dating again last summer and then became too busy for the particular gentleman in question.


    1. Maristella, I’m not dating a Catholic girl…
      I met Laurel around 4 years ago , I think on facebook..she was interested in Astronomy as was I. Women are just not usually into astronomy at all. Astronomy clubs used to be a good way to meet guys but in the last say 30 years, fewer young folks have gotten into the hobby. Funny that Laurel and I are members of the same NJ Astronomy club…I just decided to join it to see her and it kind of evoloved faster than I thought. We not only share our interest in Astronomy but she, like me ran for elective office, she hasn’t won and I did. It’s a long range relationship…She lives in NJ and I live now a county west of where I lived before. At the moment it’s very nice. You see I haven’t really been dating for 30 years and our relationship is better than anything I ever had with anyone:) I’m just having a good time and not worried about the future…I leave that up to The Lord. Sometimes The Lord surprises:) Best wishes!


      1. P Edward Murray, That sounds like a wonderful friendship/relationship. It sounds like you are very comfortable together. It is nice to not have to worry about the future, but to enjoy the present and enjoy your common interests!


  3. You have time to find and comment on articles like the one on the HPR site. But not to add a link to it here, which is the reason you created this blog. I don’t get it. Like I said, if you’re not going to keep this thing going, just shut it off. I’m apparently your only reader, and I’m going to stop following you. Bye.


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