Comment on US Bishops website or the Necessity of Speaking up

angel-statue-writing-2So it had been a while since I sent the US bishops a reminder that singles are part of the Catholic Church and in need of spiritual assistance. This time around contacting them was made easier by the fact that they now have a website all about marriage.  I sent in a comment on one of their articles entitled “Why does the Church care so much about Marriage?”  The link is provided for anyone wishing to read the article and the full extent of my comment.  If you follow the link to their site and don’t see my comment at the bottom, be sure to click on “comments” at the top of the page.  Just thought I’d share these thoughts with my readers here as well.

My commentary, in part, on the article states, “The Church is correct that marriage is good for people and society. It puzzles me then as to why to Church seems indifferent to the enormous number of singles, both in society and in the Church these days. . . Since marriage is the manner in which God intends to save most people, why is there so little concern or at least prayers for all of these singles, most of whom are supposed to be married, many of whom are well into their 30’s, 40’s and beyond? . . . the reality is that the Catholic Church is badly in need of singles ministry, and single Catholics are in just as much need of tlc from the Church as married people.”


One thought on “Comment on US Bishops website or the Necessity of Speaking up

  1. Catherine,
    Thank you for sharing the article and your comments on the article. I look forward to seeing if there is any reply offered to your comments.


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