Many thoughts on Catholic Singles

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The following is a list of articles on the topic of single Catholics.  In some cases, an entire article seemed to hit home with me.  In others, it may have been just a few thoughts here and there within the article that caught my eye.  For various reasons, the thoughts in this pieces stayed with me.  I felt they might be of interest to other readers on this subject.

Some of these (mostly the second half of the list) have been mentioned with links in my previous posts, but for those who don’t want to go back and sift through previous material, I’ve listed them here again.  This is not an exhaustive list of what’s out there regarding single Catholics, but I do think they give the reader a good overview of the topic.  The very first article is a link to another Catholic woman’s  blog.  Although her blog does not seem to be entirely about single Catholics, the author has written a three part series on the topic.  I thought she had some good insights worth sharing.  Happy reading!


David Mills, “Single and Catholic”

Charles Hickson, “The Parish’s Fifth Wheel”’s-Fifth-Wheel.aspx

Dorothy Cummings McLean, “Catholic Singles: the Forgotten Among the Faithful”

Christina Lee Knauss, “Catholic singles wonder about their roles in parish life”

Catholic singles wonder about their roles in parish life

Stephanie Wood Weinert, “Single Focus”

Catholic News Agency, “Marriage is Disappearing in Italy”

David Gibson, “Cardinal Dolan Sees New Urgency Around Marriage”

The Tablet, “Synod Asked to Consider Situation of Single Catholics

Emily Stimpson, “Beating the single Catholic Blues”

Emily Stimpson, “Being Single in the Universal “Church”

Hannah Furness, “Single People Feel ‘Ignored and Lonely’ at Church”

Jared Silveyhttp, “The Single Lay State Deserves More Attention”